Monday, November 23, 2009

Lit Randomness: Movie Trailers & books, bookstores as third places, Robert Lopez & Raymond Carver

Do books need movie trailers? At Slate.

The foolishness of the ABA's complaint against the big-box stores and how bookstores need to change: At Clay Shirky.

"The core idea is to appeal to that small subset of customers who think of bookstores as their 'third place', alongside home and work. These people care about the store’s existence in physical (and therefore social) space; the goal would be to generate enough revenue from them to make the difference between red and black ink, and to make the new bargain not just acceptable but desirable for all parties. A small collection of patron saints who helped keep a local bookstore open could be cheaply smothered in appreciation by the culture they help support."

Michael Kimball interviews Robert Lopez, author of Kamby Bolongo Mean River: At Faster Times.

Good genre books from 2009: At The Library Journal.

Raymond Carver review: At NY Times.

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