Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday at South of the Border

For the uninitiated, South of the Border is the greatest place on earth. It's a kitschy tourist trap (yes, they still exist!) just south of North Carolina's border in South Carolina. Driving past at night reveals a great neon sombrero above a water tower with every building lit up declaring such things as "Pedro's Coffee Shop" and "Ice Cream" (I think). For those that don't stop (but why wouldn't you?) many laughs and jollies comes from the billboards leading up to the place, such as "You never sausage a place!"...ha!

Three years ago, I wrote this piece for Pine magazine about shopping at South of the Border on Black Friday. Some highlights: bullwhips, Martha's Vineyard hats and large cut-outs of Richard Petty. It's still one of my favorite pieces, not sure why.

Back to a more regular schedule next week--hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

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  1. anything involving South of the Border, and i'm sister and i used to tally south of the border billboards on road trips, and, obviously, this also required us reading each one out loud


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