Tuesday, October 27, 2009

review: Black Square dd/mm/yyyy

Black Square
Being re-released by Impose Records, 2009

dd/mm/yyyy: "Digital Haircut"

I like this album.

"Bronzage" and "No Life"=alien guts disposed in a swirling electronic toilet
"'They'"=the mellow eulogy for aforementioned alien and guts

"Infinity Skull Cube" and "My Glasses" and "Birdtown"=procession through a desert with a synth-induced headache
"Sirius"=running away from holograms in the aforementioned desert

"Lismer" and "Real Eyes"=indisposed flat in a lounge chair while the fan whirs
"$50,000 Guitar Head"=indisposed flat in a lounge chair while the fan whirs and the remote casually channel surfs

"I'm Still In the Wall"=the jaunt from the lounge chair to the freezer to find some frozen fish sticks
"Digital Haircut"=the joyous anticipation of waiting for the fish sticks to radiate in the microwave.


  1. After listening to the one song, I'll probably have to pick this up. That was intense.

  2. Thank you for the creative review.
    p.s. it is 'I'm still in the wall'


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