Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pop Prick: Black Eyed Peas "Boom Boom Pow"

It’s official. The Black Eyed Peas have become robots. At least, that’s what one is led to believe from their single, “Boom Boom Pow.”

Their groove-a-tron single starts with a computerized Will.i.am instructing the audience to “get that.” This isn’t a request, by the way. You “gotta get that.” Get what you may ask? Why, the “boom boom boom,” of course.

For the remaining three minutes of the song, it’s not too hard to get some “boom boom boom.” Through a collection of vocal effects, the group provides ample amounts of “boom” for everyone at the club to last them the rest of the evening.

The most refreshing part of the song comes from Fergie. It seems she’s done singing. She’s gotten to the point in her career that she can drop the one thing
(besides peeing her pants) that gave her some form of use in the group. She’s got abs. She doesn’t need to sing anymore.

Also, she provides us with our only dose of “future boom boom boom.” So that’s nice. How can she accomplish this time-traveling feat? Well, she’s “so 3008,” so she has capabilities that aren’t afforded to the rest of us that are “so 2000 and late.” Sorry everybody, get an auto-tune program and maybe you can do some sit-ups with Fergie. Until then, chickens, stop trying to jack her style.

Another delightful part of the song comes towards the end. After Will.i.am drops the beat per Fergie’s request, he describes the size of his beat. I had a fairly good idea that the beat wasn’t too short, but I’m glad he could place a more concrete visual of the dimensions of the beat.

“Beats so big I’m steppin’ on leprechauns,
Sh***in’ on y’all with the boom boom.”

I’m thinking this means the beat is at least four feet tall. Leprechauns usually run around three feet so I think an extra foot would provide enough room to be able to comfortably step on them. I don’t much appreciate being sh** on, but as long as it’s with the “boom boom,” I’m alright with it. In fact, that sounds kind of nice.

Pitch shifting, digitally induced stutters, auto-tuned verses: All evidence that the Black Eyed Peas are speaking to us from the future where people become robots and music abuses leprechauns. I appreciate the heads up and look forward to the Olympics once everyone gets robotic legs to match their robotic vocal cords.

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