Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lit Randomness: books and IKEA, why write, no working-class writers, Bill Tantric & more

Book lovers & IKEA:
At HTML Giant

Why I Write by Stephen Elliott: At The Rumpus

The urge to publish is a hunger. The drive to write and the drive to publish are virtually the same thing, at least for me. They both come from somewhere deep. Like the drive for sex, they can be explained but the explanation is always incomplete.

No writers are working-class: At American Fiction Notes (sorry...I forgot where I got this)

Crazy stories from heavy-metal writers: At Jacket Copy (h/t Largehearted)

Interv. w/ Bill Tantric, author of Tamper: At Lit Kicks

Tamper evolves into a classic good-time mystery/adventure that explores the legend of Amazing Stories writer Richard Shaver, and somehow ends with a printed diagram of a folded-paper fortune teller, the kind I remember playing with as a kid

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