Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Five: 5 Best New Orleans Shirts Not Involving Brad Pitt

Tomorrow is the 4th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Check all of our recent NOLA coverage here, including yesterday's piece about shirt company Rosa Loves. My recent t-shirt obsession ends on Monday. Promise.

A t-shirt recruiting Brad Pitt to run for mayor of New Orleans made quite a stir earlier this summer, but in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, many great t-shirt companies (and therefore, t-shirts) have popped up. Here's our list of favorite New Orleans t-shirts not involving Brad Pitt.


Defend New Orleans
from New Urbanism (it's already a model). Defend New Orleans from others (you didn't care before, why do you care now?). Defend New Orleans is now a classic.


Don't hate. Just respect. Okay, wait, yeah hate is okay. Find out more here.


Better than the subway, better than the bus. My Ride.


Iconic image for a tourist favorite. Everybody knows this. Order it here.

1. These lists kind of set me up to fail. Really, I think I could fill the list out with Dirty Coast shirts. Turducken. It sticks to you. Edwin Edwards. Metairie, it's safe here. 504 Ever. Some are hilarious, some are sad, all are appropriate. Really, these shirts are some of the best anywhere. But I loved the concept and execution of NOLA Gothic.

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