Thursday, July 16, 2009

mp3's: The Firs, Lanterns, Pomegranates, The Hush Now & more

Firs: "Welcome Home"

Firs: "Destroyer of Worlds"

The Firs are by Joey Cook of Pomegranates and friend Sophia Cunningham. The Firs are an Air-esque, lo-fi electro project compared to the more straight ahead rock of Pomegranates. The Firs' album
Man In Space drops on August 4 from Lujo Records.

Just for kicks, The Pomegranates:
Pomegranates: "Corriander"

Guy Fantastico: "Graciella" (Helado Negro Remix)

Lanterns: "Creation Myth"

The Hush Now: "Hoping and Waiting"

The Slow Club: "It Doesn't Have to Be Beautiful"

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