Friday, July 24, 2009

King Me: Once and Future Kings Mon, 7/27 @ Nightlight, Chapel Hill

Yeah, I know that says Monday and today is only Friday, but take a few days to think about it. Once and Future Kings is dependent upon the insight and musicianship of Jess Edison, who moved to Raleigh, NC from Nashville, TN a year ago. Wanting to move on to a different phase in his life, he left Nashville, but as he told me in an email, his songwriting did not. Edison is continuing his education and has brought the Once and Future Kings moniker with him.

He hasn't played tons of shows out, but apparently has Summer 2010 already booked up. Emergent Sea is a great EP, something like Say Hi, Damien Jurado and Bishop Allen. Standouts include "Here's to Choking" and "Sirens." There surely should be enough room in the Triangle's vast musical company for Edison and the Kings.

Their Monday show at Chapel Hill's Nightlight also includes Doomstar and Pistil.

Stream the songs and watch a vid after the jump.


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