Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Club is Open Festival in Chapel Hill, NC: Aminal, Red Collar, American Aquarium & more

Red Collar

For the uninitiated, go ahead and take this time to get acquainted w/ some of the best in North Carolina rock and roll at The Club is Open Festival this weekend at various locales in Chapel Hill. After you're done, you'll name off like 15 bands who aren't playing. That's a knock on anybody, it's just proof of how good everybody is. [More after the jump...]

Thursday, July 9 at The Cave in Chapel Hill: Aminal, The Dry Heathens, and on the beach. Just found out about Aminal, good slightly spaced out rock, think Apostle of Hustle w/ a minor twinge of a foot stomp.

Friday, July 10 at the Local 506: Red Collar, The Loners, The Rat Jackson, A Rooster for the Masses. Red Collar is freakin' awesome, and they should be enough for anyone to come out. The new album, Pilgrim, is one I keep returning back to--it's a punk Springsteen and not for those who are wary of involvement. Because Red Collar always involves the crowd. Here's what I've said of Red Collar before, but don't just take my word for it.

American Aquarium

Saturday, July 11 at Cat's Cradle: American Aquarium, The Future Kings of Nowhere, Filthybird, Nathan Oliver: American Aquarium are turning heads everywhere they go, they have a great mix of alt-country, Dixie and Tom Waits. Plus, I've heard tons of good stuff about Nathan Oliver, and I think I have that cd somewhere...

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