Thursday, June 18, 2009

Antigravity Mag Turns 5!

I was back in NOLA in 2004 and started writing a few pieces for Leo and his start-up, Antigravity Magazine. He was able to snag interviews early on back then w/ people like TV on the Radio and The Decemberists. He allowed me to contribute reviews and printed a few stories of mine, including one about an anarchist bookstore that I'm still pretty dang proud of. Always riding the thin line between zine and mag, Antigravity has established itself in post-Hurricane Katrina world as a vital part of the NOLA culture.

After the hurricane, Leo also became a comics character in Josh Neufeld's retelling over at Smith Mag that will soon be released as a book.

They're having a party tonight, June 18 at the Twisted Salon in NOLA with some other fine friends, including the cool group New Orleans Craft Mafia.

And don't forget to download the PDF of Antigravity.

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