Friday, May 29, 2009

Very Dynamic: Static Radio NJ in FL, MS, AR & mp3's

The scene in NJ is popping with some clueless MSM press and heavy hitters like Thursday still making the rounds and more recently The Gaslight Anthem. Static Radio NJ wear their Jersey roots on their sleeves in a good way reveling in some straight-up punk madness with some rowdy vocals and the musical intensity to match. Their latest album, An Evening of Bad Decisions is out now on vinyl from Black Numbers and is worth the pick-up at the next show. Also showing up with them is No Harm Done. Here's some mp3's, southern tour dates, and in the best punk rock way possible, a grainy video.

MP3: "Green Hoody" by Static Radio NJ

MP3: "Places" by Static Radio NJ

MAY 29 - Tallahassee, FL @ Castlemania
MAY 30 - Fulton, MS @ Carries Coffee House
MAY 31 - Mountain Home, AR @ The Brick Yard

Static Radio - At Springs Theater

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