Monday, May 11, 2009

Gather to see The Magik Markers

The Magik Markers focus on rock, literally. The cover of their new album, Balf Quarry (out on Drag City) refers to a rock quarry outside of Hartford, CT. But based on your pretentious definition, songs like "Don't Talk In Your Sleep" may be more melancholic shoegaze fuss, while something like "Jerks" is amped-up passionate spazz punk with the fuzz up to eleven. And sometimes, they go on and on in their rock with a great spoken word rant on "The Lighter Side...of Hippies." Balf Quarry is my first intro to the duo of Elisa Ambrogio and Pete Nolan, and I like it. It's not really down for those want a boring old rock show, but only for people who DIG new ROCK. Yeah, capitals for hidden messages are awesome, because then they're not hidden, THEY'RE RIGHT THERE in the open. Because ROCK makes the earth able to be lived on. OR SOMETHING. And The Magik Markers make good rock.
And right now The Magik Markers are on tour w/ Ghost. These fine cities are near me in heart and spirit:

May 11 Chapel Hill, NC Local 506
(w/ Ghost)

May 12 Asheville, NC Grey Eagle Tavern & Music
(w/ Ghost)

May 13 Athens, GA Tasty World
(w/ Ghost)

May 14 Birmingham, AL Bottletree
(w/ Ghost)

This video is one somebody made up to go along with the song "Taste" off a previous Magik Markers album. But it's freakin' awesome, with a crazy off-road race. After the jump.


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